What's Next: All new shows have been postponed until covid 19 has passed. Stay Safe. Check out my YouTube Channel, "MT's Corner with Myesha-Tiara" and my theatre's new show "The Stoner Book Club" in the mean time. 

My Podcast Interview on Diversity in the Arts-

Over the weekend I had the honor of being apart of the Artemisia Theatre podcast where we discussed my theatre company Perceptions Theatre , women in powerful roles on stage, the state of theatre now, and how diversity in the arts community in Chicago is and how it can be improved upon. It's up today and the links are below! Check it out and let me know what you think! Don't stop the fight yall, keep pushing and making sure your voices are heard. We will make a change. 

Podcast Links:

Black Girl vs. Ambiguous with Maya Bizz Productions & 7 Gunn Media-

Myesha-Tiara will be taking on a role in the new short film "Black Girl vs. Ambiguous.

Coming Soon

About the piece:


It follows the life of a young teen black actress and how colorism in the film industry affects her career.

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Rap Mom-

Myesha-Tiara was recently cast as the lead in Rap Mom and this project is currently filming.

About the piece: Monica 'Moni Dimes' Glover is

a divorced mother of two who has been hit by the Government Shutdown HARD. While she is looking for a new form of employment a old song she made resurfaces...Dive Drop. In the new age of social media now everyone is fighting to know who is Moni Dimes and now she has a chance to relive her teenage years as a rapper but has the game changed too much for her to be able to make a profit from it to make ends meet?

Premieres: August 2020

Pain is the Agent of Change-

Myesha-Tiara portrays "Julian's Mother" in this gripping short film that deals with a young black man's, Julian's, inability to deal with the gang violence that has helped contribute to his mental illness.


Next Screening: October 22nd at 6pm


West Loop Library, Chicago Public Library Branch

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