What's Next:

Concerning Foster at Mudlark Theater-

Myesha-Tiara will be portraying various characters in this piece. 

Showtimes & Location:

Jan. 24 -Feb. 9 | Thursdays - Saturdays at 7pm, Sundays at 3pm | Noyes St. Theater, 927 Noyes St. 

About the piece:

Mudlark Theater, with writers Kenya Hall and Dru Smith, and its community partners are collaborating on a new play that will follow the lives of students during the desegregation of Evanston public schools, The Foster School Project. Specifically, it will chronicle the loss of Foster School, the district's only all-black school, which was closed in 1976. The loss of this community cornerstone impacted the life of the neighborhood in ways that residents are still grappling with today. In bringing history to life, the play will ask difficult questions about our society today-and whether our nation's public schools are any closer to racial equity now than they were then.

Mind Games with B-Side Productions-

Myesha-Tiara will be taking on the role of Donna Milton the Warden of Clinton Correctional. 


About the piece: 

This show is inspired by a true story that took place in 2015 when a prison debate team took on Harvard's Debate team and defeated Harvard. This story is their journey to an unseen victory.


 Mind Games premieres on Saturday February 22nd 2020 at the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg, IL. Tickets are on sale now!

Ticket Link Info (In the"How did you hear about it" section put MYESHA-TIARA):

Rap Mom-

Myesha-Tiara was recently cast as the lead in Rap Mom and this project is currently filming.

About the piece: Monica 'Moni Dimes' Glover is

a divorced mother of two who has been hit by the Government Shutdown HARD. While she is looking for a new form of employment a old song she made resurfaces...Dive Drop. In the new age of social media now everyone is fighting to know who is Moni Dimes and now she has a chance to relive her teenage years as a rapper but has the game changed too much for her to be able to make a profit from it to make ends meet?

Premieres: August 2020

Pain is the Agent of Change-

Myesha-Tiara portrays "Julian's Mother" in this gripping short film that deals with a young black man's, Julian's, inability to deal with the gang violence that has helped contribute to his mental illness.


Next Screening: October 22nd at 6pm


West Loop Library, Chicago Public Library Branch

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