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What's Next: 

Panther Women- Coming Spring 2023

Catch Myesha-Tiara directing this Chicago World Premiere at Prop Thtr this Winter 2022

About the Piece: 

Conceived by Actress, Director, Playwright, Producer India Nicole Burton uses the lives of three prominent African American women in The Black Panther Party and The Civil Rights movement as a catalyst to tell a broader story about the African American Women’s experience. Produced by Prop Thtr.


(Pictures courtesy of Jen Hearn Photography, not yet premiered in Chicago.)

Living Your Truth (LYT Project)-

Catch Myesha-Tiara in Living Your Truth Short Film.

Currently Streaming 

About the Piece: 

“Momma JackieJ and Eleshia Simms-Harris illustrate the generational tether of trauma that binds elders with their youth through their shared stories of mental health issues. In Living Your Truth, Momma JackieJ offers guidance as Eleshia and the rest of her community navigate the stigma of mental health as they engage in an open dialogue that quickly becomes a visual mecca. Through the power of conversation, solidarity, and activism, Living Your Truth calls everyone to self-reflect and do the inner work to begin the healing process.”


 Every Waiting Heart at Artemisia Theatre-

Myesha-Tiara is portraying Hannah in Every Waiting Heart, the full-length play by Lauren Ferebee that was planned pre-COVID for a fully staged production in June 2020, will be produced as an audio drama streaming for an open-ended run.

About the Piece: 

It explores sexuality, marriage and religion and how it all ties together through the eyes of five different women who attend the same church.


 Mother of the Dark Water at MPAACT-

Myesha-Tiara is portraying the out spoken and carefree KiKi in  Mother of the Dark Water, which is currently streaming via podcast for MPAACT.

About the Piece:

Inspired by original images of the Black Madonna, five Black women decide to reclaim their truth and voices in the normative feminist movement. Based on personal stories, original poetry and movement, Mother of the Dark Water celebrates the power of speaking out, resistance and self-love.

Devised and Directed by Lauren Wells-Mann

Vocal Arrangements by Lynsey Moxie

Original Music by Danjuma Gaskin


Black Girl vs. Ambiguous with Maya Bizz Productions & 7 Gunn Media-

Myesha-Tiara will be taking on a role in the new short film "Black Girl vs. Ambiguous.

Coming Soon

About the piece:


It follows the life of a young teen black actress and how colorism in the film industry affects her career.

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Rap Mom-

Myesha-Tiara was recently cast as the lead in Rap Mom and this project is currently filming.

About the piece: Monica 'Moni Dimes' Glover is

a divorced mother of two who has been hit by the Government Shutdown HARD. While she is looking for a new form of employment a old song she made resurfaces...Dive Drop. In the new age of social media now everyone is fighting to know who is Moni Dimes and now she has a chance to relive her teenage years as a rapper but has the game changed too much for her to be able to make a profit from it to make ends meet?

Premieres: August 2021

Pain is the Agent of Change-

Myesha-Tiara portrays "Julian's Mother" in this gripping short film that deals with a young black man's, Julian's, inability to deal with the gang violence that has helped contribute to his mental illness.


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