August 28, 2017

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What's My Line?

August 28, 2017

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Lights! Camera! Voice Over?!

May 19, 2017

I was about to go right into this story as if nothing has happened in the past week to change my career just a little...ok big enough to start getting me into the most important rooms. What am I talking about, well...I HAVE AN AGENT NOW!!! Yes you read that right, I have an agent! [we will talk about that more in a later blog post] The point of me mentioning the agent is because I had my first audition through them! What was it for...[won't go into too much detail] voice over work.


Now voice over work, if you don't know, consist of: commercials, cartoons, tv, film, radio, etc. I could go on forever but the point is every time you hear a voice talking on any form of media there is a big chance it's done by a voice actor. What? I hope you didn't just think you have to be seen physically in a performance to be seen as a professional actor, well if so I am happy to bring to your attention that is not at all true. So, you know if you have major "stage fright" voice acting may just be right up your alley. Now me, myself I never thought much of becoming a voice actor. I thought the woman who is the voice actor for Deadly Women has to be making great money because I love her voice but that was about it. As of late I have been thinking about it more and more and said to myself "Well, if the opportunity presents itself I'm not going to turn it down." and just like that the opportunity presented itself!


When I got the audition notice I was extremely excited because not only was it my first audition in front of my agent (of course I had to prove that I was worth much more then the trees used to print out my contract lol) but it was my first audition doing something that I am not at all familiar with. So, what do you do when you're not skilled in a certain medium and you have an audition in a few research it duh! YouTube and I became even better friends in the process. Now even though I'm not as acquainted with voice acting as others doesn't mean I don't know any voice actors at all. One of my favorite voice actors hands down is Cree Summer (she was Freddie in  A Different World) she is purely amazing and if I was to look up to anyone in the voice acting community she is definitely at the top of the list. She has voiced some of the most well known cartoons in the world including Susie from the Rugrats and Number 5 from Code Name Kids Next Door (here comes that 90's & early 00's kids nostalgia again)! I watched videos of her work and advice, even watched a live reading of not only Spongebob but Bob's Burgers as well. Feeling as prepared as I was going to get, after rehearsing my lines over and over I walked into the booth and realized...just how much fun voice over work can be! After taking some direction from my agent I let loose and gave life through only voice to my lines and it was an amazing experience. Even if I don't get the gig the next voice over audition I get will be a breeze. I can't wait until the next: Lights! Camera! Voice Over?!



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