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Let me help you book that next gig!

 Try any of my actor services I teach and tell a friend!


A six week intensive tailored around your goals for the entertainment industry. Including but not limited to: Resume Language, Monologues, Commericals, Scene Work. $180 (1hr 30 mins sessions)

Payment plan available.


Help prepare you for your next agent audition from wardrobe, to resume to the actual piece.


If you have an agent already and just need to know how to organize your short term and long term goals for your next check in meeting we help with that too!


$30 an hour.

Payment plan available.


Help prepare you for your next theatre audition from wardrobe, to resume to the actual piece. $30 an hour.

Payment plan available.


A three week course that helps you refocus your vision for your career and life when you've hit a dead end. $100 (1hr 30mins sessions)


Where we work to make your resume look its best in a successful format. $30 (1hr)

Payment plan available.


1 hour session where reader is provided, filmed & edited (optional) (in my home $20/ $30 if traveling to you) Every new side after the first is an additional $5. After the first hour an additional $5 will be charged every 10 minute increment.


Give you the skills to make the best use of your time when looking for acting and/or directing jobs. $50 (2hrs) Payment plan available.


1hr session where you are coached throughout the process on all sides, a reader is provided, filmed & edited (optional) ( $30 in my home/$40 travel to you or mutually agreed upon location) Every new side after the first is an additional $5. After the first hour an additional $5 will be charged every 10 minute increment.

Previous Clients

(Click on pics below for services provided)  

My coaching session with Myesha-Tiara was fantastic! She helped me clarify my goals and figure out actionable steps to take towards achieving them. She was direct, insightful, and encouraging. She made sure I left our meeting feeling prepared with everything I needed. Absolutely would recommend her services! -- Elena Victoria Feliz

"Myesha-Tiara helped guide me through my sides and was able to make me look at the words from a different perspective that added my acting style to the character while staying true to the text. I even received a callback from our self tape coaching session, thank you for your help! "---Lisa McConnell| Actor | Self Tape Coaching

"I just feel a lot better about taking control of and making the best of my resources. I am SO grateful for my session with Myesha-Tiara. After prepping me for my agent representation meeting I was signed to Shirley Hamilton Talent!"---Jalyn Greene| Actor | Talent Agent Coaching 

"I was looking to get into acting and had never really took it seriously before and right away thought of Myesha-Tiara! She gave me honest feedback and helped me develop the lane I wanted to take my acting career in. She also broke down all the most basic things you need to know when starting your acting journey, so you can avoid making some mistakes in advance. I would highly recommend her services to those who have thought about acting however felt intimidated by it. Myesha-Tiara made me feel comfortable and didn't judge me for my lack of knowledge in the industry."

---Brandon G. "Boss On Da Track" Lacey

Producer/Actor | Acting Crash Course Client

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