"Swamp Baby"-


 ...never does she lose the strong grasp on a young woman who has been ostracized and neglected for her entire life..

"Little Foxes" Still Powerful (Associate Director)-


Brilliantly cast...Kristina McCloskey’s insightful direction pulls out every overt and nuanced way Hellman’s foxes trample anything tender in their way.

Theatre at the Center Announces "Steel Magnolias" Cast-

The production will star Cory Goodrich as M’Lynn, Landree Fleming as Shelby and Heidi Kettenring as Truvy, with Joslyn Yvonne Jones as Ouiser, Jeannie Affelder as Clairee and Myesha Tiara as Annelle. The production will be helmed by artistic director Linda Fortunato.

"Steel Magnolias" Celebrates Bond Between Women-

The Louisiana native is slipping into the role of the young Annelle, who is a fresh face in town in "Steel Magnolias."

Chicago's Best Shows of 2017-

“Directed by Cecilie Keenan, WEDDING BAND is relentlessly compelling in its exploration of the very worst and the very best of human nature. The battle between Julia and Herman’s mother is the apex of the drama, but the entire production is fueled by similarly rendered heat, light and anguish.” –Catey Sullivan


New City Stage-

The entire cast, especially the neighborhood characters of Mattie (Myesha-Tiara)...have a rhythm and chemistry between them that flows seamlessly. 


Keenan’s ensemble is virtually flawless. From the opening moments, the cast pulls you fully into the world of the play, creating an immersion powerful enough to make the world outside fall away.

"Mind Games"-


A segment from "The Jame" news program.

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